Lower legs, ankles & tibialis

Updated: May 23

Why lower legs are getting pain, sore, swollen and heavy.

Feeling pain and heaviness on our ankles and, generally, the lower part of our legs is a quite common issue caused by a stiffening of the soft tissue in those areas.

Why is this happening?

This phenomenon can manifest in people who conduct any kind of lifestyle, of any age, gender, and body composition. Surely, genetics plays a crucial role in it. A sedentary lifestyle is also a trigger for this kind of issue, as sitting for long hours puts pressure on legs that obstacles the normal blood flow in the lower body. On the other hand, professional athletes and highly active people can still experience this kind of issue. This happens because by doing a lot of physical activity, you build up and harden muscles and consequently apply more pressure to the main arteries, veins, and nerves.

Another important consideration to be made is the fact that ankles and lower legs are very distant from the heart, compared to other parts of our body; Consequently, a higher distance needs to be covered to pump blood in our legs, and factors like the presence of adipose cells or “fatty tissue” − that presses against the blood vessels − can compromise the blood supply in these areas. This scenario also causes an alteration of the lymphatic drainage system and leads to ankle lymphedema.

How can it be treated in non-invasive therapy?

One of the techniques that I apply is digital pressure on the internal and external meridians or body lines, that pass through the main arteries and veins and on some important nerves. By pressing some crucial parts of the legs, an intense oxygenation and detoxification process gets started. With this increase in blood flow, muscles are getting prepared to receive soft tissue manual therapy.

The combination of digital pressure and soft tissue manipulation has shown a fantastic result in more than 95% of the cases I treated. This statistic is based on both male and female patients of any age group, profession, and lifestyle. After this type of treatment, patients report feeling their legs lighter, rebalanced, and more energetic, while experiencing better mobility and flexibility already from the first treatment. Another common feedback from patients is that their feet do not get cold as used to do before.