One to One Meditation

A perfect way to enter into your spiritual path and to practice spirituality!

The one to one meditation is perfect for a beginner because it is dynamic at the start with some simple exercises then after that, I will guide you to the physical body stillness  "KAYA STHAIRYAM", which involves visualization of the physical body, feeling the physical body and then the sensation of the physical body.
Meditating Is Food For The Soul
Then after these two steps, I will guide you to become an instrument of blessing by doing a short version of the "TWIN HEARTS MEDITATION". This meditation will expand your front heart chakra and crown chakra to gradually achieve peace, bliss, oneness, and illumination. It also generates good mental, emotional, and physical health or wellbeing
This program for beginners can vary from 45 to 60 minutes sessions; by choosing the 60 minutes, I will guide you to do the full Twin Hearts Meditation.
This perfect combination of meditations is recommended to do at least once a week for the first 30 weeks in general, and then we will move on to more advanced practice.

The meditation is guided remotely.

Please go ahead and book your first one to one meditation by clicking the book online button, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.