Pranic Face Lifting & Pranic Body Sculpturing 

An extraordinary natural therapy 

For an outstanding natural beauty! 

With Pranic Face Lifting & Pranic Body Sculpturing is possible to work within the beauty aspect of how we want to look and spark up our most beautiful nature.

Stylish Hairdo

Beauty Also Matter 

Pranic Face Lifting and Pranic Body Sculpturing is an entirely natural therapy; in fact, it works on the energy field of the cells, which allow being rejuvenated and modifying the structure of the body naturally.

Technically, it brings out the inner beauty of our true essence or true nature, therefore in whatever stage of our life we are in, the look will modify it to its full beautiful expression.

It can be applied to reduce adipose tissue, cellulite, face lifting, breast lifting, breast enlarging or reducing, eliminate varicose veins and more. 

How long will it take, and how does it work?

In general, face lifting will require, on average, about ten sessions which will be the first two sessions dedicated to psychotherapy with pranic healing, which is about 60 minutes each treatment. One session will be a lecture and a meditation, which will last about 90 minutes; these three sessions are vital for the best outcome of the complete therapy.

The remaining seven sessions, about 45 minutes each, will be split into the first three sessions within nine days.

So once every three days, then the 4th session will take place after seven days, and the 5th session will be done after 20 days approximately, and then the last two sessions will be done during the next five months.

After the whole therapy of Pranic Face Lifting, it will require about two sessions per year to maintain the great look.


Another fantastic outcome from this therapy is also greater inner peace. 

In general, Pranic Body Sculpturing Therapy also requires, on average, ten sessions of 60 minutes each for the best outcome.

Still, in this case, it is very much an individual case every time based on the part that needs treatment and the severity of the region.

For example, if we work on cellulite and it is only on stage 1, meaning is not much, it will require fewer treatments compatible with stage 2 or 3.

In any case, the first 3 to 5 treatments are very frequent, allowing a faster result at the start.

A 10 sessions package is ideal for long-term follow-ups for excellent maintenance. 

A 20 session package is ideal for more severe Body Sculpturing cases.

A 30 sessions package is great for 2 reasons which are one allows saving £3,150.00 and it is used for Face Lifting and Body Sculpturing combination.


Please see the Treatment Plans Here.

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8-minutes video demonstration to see how effective Pranic Body Sculpturing is for varicose veins.


Pranic Healing is a science and art that works in the life energy system, basically in the little sparks that keep our cells together and alive.


With Pranic Face Lifting & Pranic Body Sculpturing, is possible to work within the beauty aspect of how we want to look and spark up our most beautiful nature.


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