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L.C.A.P: A Step-by-Step Guide

See how it works:


Sign Up:

Initially, sign up for a free membership to join the Loyalty Credits Awards Program and receive a starting bonus of 50 credits.

Earn More Credits:

Purchasing Therapy Plans: Each time you purchase a Therapy Plan, you'll be awarded an additional 50 credits.

Weekly Online Meditation Participation: Earn 10 credits every time you participate in the free weekly online meditation sessions.

Check Credit Balance:

To view your current credit balance, navigate to the member menu on the website where you can see how many credits you've accumulated.

Redeem Rewards:

Accumulated credits can be redeemed for discounts on future Therapy Plan purchases. Specifically, once you've collected 200 credits, you'll receive an extra 10% off on the lowest-priced item in your cart for your next Therapy Plan purchase.

See how you redeem your Rewarded credits: 

Navigation to Member Menu:

To redeem these 200 credits, please navigate to your member menu and find the 'My Rewards' section.​

Coupon Credit Number Copy:

In the 'My Rewards' section, copy the coupon credit number provided.


Proceed to Checkout:

Then, proceed to the Therapy Plan store and advance to the checkout page.


Promo Code Application:

At checkout, you'll find an option to 'Enter A Promo Code'. Paste the coupon credit number in the provided field.


Discount Redemption:

Upon entering the promo code, a 10% discount will be automatically applied to your total, reducing the cost of the lowest-priced item in your cart.

This Loyalty Credits Awards Program promotes ongoing engagement with therapy services and online meditation sessions, enabling members to earn credits and enjoy discounts on future therapy plans

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