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Deep Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Danish Dr. Emil Vodder (20 February 1896 - 17 February 1986) and his wife, Dr. Estrid Vodder, are credited with pioneering the field of "lymphology" in alternative medicine.

Massage Therapy

Their journey into this realm began on the picturesque French Riviera, where they were treating patients suffering from chronic colds. During their work, they observed pronounced swelling in the lymph nodes of these patients.

Intrigued by this phenomenon, the Vodders embarked on an ambitious exploration of the lymphatic system.


Their meticulous research led them to develop precise hand movements designed to stimulate lymphatic flow. By 1936, after four years of intensive study, they introduced their groundbreaking technique to the medical community in Paris, France. The Vodders dedicated the rest of their lives to sharing and teaching this transformative method. The precise hand movements they formulated to gently stretch and manipulate the skin for effective lymph movement remain unaltered and serve as the gold standard for Manual Lymphatic Drainage to this day.

While Manual Lymphatic Drainage is known for its gentle touch, my approach goes beyond the conventional standard. I recognize that optimal lymphatic drainage is intimately linked to the performance of our circulatory system, muscular health, and nervous system functionality.

When these critical elements operate at peak efficiency, the lymphatic system tends to function flawlessly. Conversely, any decline or impairment in these fundamental factors can give rise to lymphatic issues.

My extensive experience and numerous patient success stories have reinforced my belief in the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage therapy. Witnessing the remarkable results achieved after just one session with my approach has solidified my conviction that tackling lymphatic concerns head-on is a highly beneficial and holistic approach to addressing this pervasive problem.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:

  • Enhanced blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

  • Improved muscular function.

  • Boosted nervous system performance.

  • Alleviation of lymphatic issues.

  • Immediate relief and lasting results after a single session.

  • Comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing lymphatic concerns.

Experience the transformative power of my deep lymphatic drainage therapy, rooted in the time-tested wisdom of Dr. Emil Vodder's ground-breaking work. Say goodbye to lymphatic problems and embrace lasting well-being.

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