Traditional Thai Massage & Energy Cleanse Treatment

Allow me to make your health dream come through

The Traditional Thai Massage and Energy Cleanse is a treatment that I implemented to allow my Patients to have a very effective session for their physical body and for their main energy vital centres.  In this session, I will dedicate the first 30 minutes to cleanse your main chakras, your energy body and your main meridians then after I will start the Traditional Thai Massage

Reiki Treatment

Energy treatment which is a non-physical contact session covers: cleanse and energize main chakras, cleanse and energize etheric body ( energy body) cleanse main meridians.  Physical contact session covers: feet, legs front and back, arms front and back, abdomen, chest, neck, cranial, face, shoulders, the whole back, hips and buttocks.

This combines energy cleanse and therapeutic massage is based on pranic healing scanning-cleanse-energize techniques,  reflexology, meridians acupressure, hand pressure clutches, light stretching and manual therapy for reinvigorating and relax the skeletal muscles and soft tissue.


  • Partially or fully cleanse your main chakras or energy centres and energize them.

  • Partially or fully cleanse your energetic body and internal aurea.

  • Partially or fully cleanse your main meridians or energy channels.

  • Rebalance and invigorate your greater internal physical organs.

  • Improve and balance your blood circulation.

  • Improve and boost your lymphatic drainage.

  • Relax and realise tension in your greater nervous system and tendons.

  • Treats chronic back pain.

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and muscle tension.

  • Improves athletic recovery and performance.

  • Can help with labour pain and delivery

  • Reduces arthritis symptoms.

  • Improved posture.

  • Increased joint mobility.

  • Improved skin tone.

  • Heightens mental alertness.

  • Immunity boosting.

  • Correcting problems in your body


By receiving this treatment you will have a fantastic mystic experience and an enormous improvement for your body, energy systems, emotional and mental wellbeing.