Why do we feel Muscular Pain?

Updated: May 23

The erector spinae muscle is composed of 3 muscles that from our lumbosacral area run towards the cervical area. Let's explore why we feel muscular pain and how we can help!

In particular, one muscle of this group, called longissimus thoracic, originates and innervates from the sacrum area and goes up to our cervical area, extending alongside the spine. Running next to the longissimus thoracic there is the iliocostalis lumborum, which innervates from the sacrum area and inserts on some of the costal ribs just under the scapula blade.

Thinking of the area of extension of these muscles, it is easy to understand why the tightness of our legs, hamstrings and middle glutes, will also compromise of the lumbar muscles, and therefore of the erector spinae muscle group.

In fact, as I mentioned in the last two articles I wrote, there is a domino effect triggered when the lower part of our body is suffering from contraction: the longissimus thoracic and the iliocostalis lumborum will also be affected and consequently a contraction will be caused in the upper part of our body too, as these muscles innervate from this area. In this case, we will start to have pain on the lower part of our scapular muscles, up to the upper trapezius and between the scapular blades, on the spine regio