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Menstrual Pain, Unbalanced Menstrual, Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea and Endometriosis

Updated: Feb 10

Unfortunately, a very high percentage of females are suffering from menstrual issues. It is happening for several different reasons from a medical point of view!

I have been treating several women with these issues from age 18 to 49 with Pranic Healing, and whatever their problems were, they all had a tremendous improvement or permanently healed.

Our endocrine glands are susceptible to heavier energy fields, called energy congestions. This type of energy is located in our main chakras and auras.

Several of our major chakras are also energizing our main endocrine glands; therefore, these glands are getting rapidly congested, and systematically, the result will be hormonal unbalance in our body.

Why are our chakras getting congested?

Our lower emotions like anxiety, fear, anger etc... are like eating poisoned food for our physical body.

With Pranic Psychotherapy, I can help you to clean up all these congestions and restore great harmony in your energy centres " chakras," and cleanse the endocrine glands energy field; this therapy will improve the hormonal system substantially with a result in 99% of the cases no more menstrual pain, menstrual unbalance, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and endometriosis.

How long is the therapy, and how many sessions?

Based on cases I have treated in the past, it depends on how the person is responding, how receptive is, and how severe the issue is, but generally, the first visit lasts 90 minutes and five follow-ups of 45 or 60 minutes each.

The frequency of the sessions in general after the first visit, the first follow-up will be done within three days and then the next one within 3 to 5 days.

At the third treatment, the person already will have a significant improvement in 99% of the cases. Still, the remaining three sessions will be used to ensure the benefit will remain permanent.

some cases will require more follow-ups, every single case is unique.

Can it be done remotely?

Pranic Healing technics interact with the energy fields and non-physical touch is involved; it can be done in person or remotely via a video call, most of the Pranic Healing sessions I do remotely.

See feedback from A.M:

I decided to see Alessandro since I was experiencing very early and severe perimenopause symptoms (age 41). Within 3 sessions of pranic healing, the hourly hot flushes disappeared and the period returned. I have particularly appreciated the frequent and regular check-in from Alessandro, his work doesn't finish within the pranic healing session but you are supported and looked after till your symptoms are gone. A.M.

All Manual Treatments and Pranic Healing therapies that I provide are not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but complementary treatments are meant; if symptoms persist or an ailment is severe, patients should consult a medical doctor.

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