Remedial Soft Tissue Massage

Let me help you to release your muscular pain

Muscular pain is something that, on different levels, we all experience and talk about during our life – whatever our age and lifestyle are. The approach I use in my remedial soft tissue treatments comes from my wide knowledge and consists of looking at the issue from different perspectives, using several techniques to improve the patient’s condition.

Osteopath at Work

Applying remedial soft tissue techniques is very helpful, but in some cases, further action can be required, when the source of the issue is not in the soft tissue where the pain manifests itself.  The lifestyle, the habits, the daily routines,  of a person of any age are usually some of the aspects why an issue in the soft tissues appears causing pain. Besides this fact, even injuries derived from an accident can be caused in the first place by the conduction of a certain type of lifestyle, habits, and routines.

Remedial Soft Tissue Treatment is not a miracle cure, but in many cases, patients leave the session and say that it is magic, and truly I always answer to them that life is magic!


  • Improved posture & flexibility

  • Reduced pain

  • Improved recovery & enhanced rehabilitation

  • Increased sporting performance

  • Injury prevention & improved muscle balance

  • Increased circulation & removal of metabolic waste