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Referral Member Program Guide

I've poured heart and soul into nurturing this vision, and now, it’s bloomed into reality! I am thrilled and hopeful that you too will find resonance and joy in what has been created!

Unveiling the Referral Members Program:

Embarking on a Rewarding Journey: Registration and Enrolment

Be the Connector: Referral Process

  • As a cherished Referred Member, you are the bridge to a world of holistic healing for new clients. Your personal referrals or the allure of your unique referral link unfold a treasure trove of rewards each time a new client steps onto the path of healing through your introduction.

Harvest the Rewards: Reward Structure

  • Your endeavours blossom into tangible rewards! A warm £10 welcomes you as a bounty when your referred individual books their first treatment.

  • The rewards garden flourishes when your referral chooses a therapy plan. A hearty commission of 10% of the therapy plan’s cost is your harvest, the value of which can range from £31 to £735 depending on the Therapy Plan embraced.

A Bounty of Choices: Payment or Reward Disbursement

  • Your rewards, ripe and ready, are available in British Pounds. Whether you fancy a PayPal transfer or wish to channel your rewards as credit towards a rejuvenating treatment in the future, the choice is yours. Catering to your preference is my priority.

A Testament of Trust: Credit Note Issuance

  • With each reward disbursement during the last week of every month, receive a credit note—a testimony of appreciation and trust. It’s more than just a note; it's a chronicle of the symbiotic journey shared between you and me at Holistic Healing Solution.

A Responsible Affiliation: Tax Responsibility

  • The bounty of rewards is graciously handed over to you by Holistic Healing Solution, under the attentive care of Alessandro Mancini. While the rewards are tokens of gratitude, managing the tax obligations associated with them is your responsibility, in line with the tax laws of your residing country.

Beyond Monetary Gains: Charitable Contribution

  • The essence of referrals from some noble hearts transcends monetary gains, rooted in a genuine belief in the healing services provided. This sentiment is deeply honoured. Should the spirit of altruism resonate with you, and you choose to redirect your rewards, a channel is open to direct these funds to a charitable cause. A simple email to me, granting consent to transfer the relative reward to a charity, echoes a shared spirit of healing and benevolence that nurtures our community.

Heartfelt Gratitude and Your Rewarding Referrals Content:

  • A heartfelt thank you for recognizing and referring me both as a soul and a practitioner. Please adhere to the necessary steps to ensure you receive the rewards for your compassionate referrals!

Warmest Regards,

Alessandro Mancini


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