Hamstrings, Glutes, Middle Glutes, Lumbar Region

Updated: May 23

Why these muscles get tight and cause back pain or ache?

In many cases of lumbar pain, the tightness and stiffness of hamstrings, glutes and middle glutes play a great role. In these cases, it is also quite frequent that shoulders and upper trapezius are affected by pain too.

Our hamstrings have a big tendency to become very stiff because of different factors: namely, in case of a pre-existent stiffness problem concerning lower legs, ankles and tibialis, there is a greater muscular involvement for the hamstrings and middle glutes during everyday actions like prolonged walking. Another factor of relevance is the lack of stretching, especially after workout sessions involving these muscular groups, which will consequently tend to suffer a greater contraction.

All the nerves that we use to move our legs come from our lumbar spine and lumbar area in general, therefore if the nerves in this area get pinched, our legs muscles will tighten as in a domino effect.

On the other hand, by having the hamstrings muscles tight, the nerves that pass through these muscles and innervates them will also get affected ﹣ especially the sciatic nerve, which in fact passes through our gluteus maximus and middle glutes, and when pinched it will automatically tend to tighten up these muscles.

This phenomenon happens because by accumulating tension in our muscles, we also create tension through our peripheral nervous system, which will consequently start to spread to other surrounding muscles. However, this process can also be exploited the other way around: just right now, try to relax your brain for a few seconds and you will straightaway feel that all your skeletal muscles are starting to relax.