Dear All.
I'm Alessandro Mancini a Massage Therapist and a Pranic Healer.
I have 21 years of experience in massage, 5 years in pranic healing, and also I guide meditation for 1 year. 

During these years I had a chance to treat few thousands of people and helped several of them to recover from difficult times related to physical, mental, and emotional issues.

Our body system is already established to recover itself, but sometimes we need to stimulate it and trying to keep it in a good balance.

My devoted job is to activate-boost-restore your body and help you to maintain good health for your body, emotions, mind, and your energy systems.

Prevention is one of the major keys for trying to avoid illness and body pain or dysfunctions and having a proper massage is a key factor.

Eating better quality food, doing a regular everyday walk or exercises, smiling, have positive emotions and thoughts, these important things to do and to keep in mind every day have a great positive impact on our wellbeing.

Traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Manual Therapy in general are very old disciplines that thanks to the past generations had developed and improved from the last 2500 years and more.

These techniques are very rich in gain well-being and maintain good health.

All these connections in our body must be in a soave equilibrium to keep good health and a happier lifestyle, and all the different types of massages that I provide are definitely one of the best refine treatment that we can get because they are very rich in mixed technics and maneuvers for allowing us to have a very effective and rebalancing body system.

Our body is such a complex system and fully connected to everywhere within it, this happens mainly from water in and out of our cells, our nerve system, bones, muscles, vessels, meridians, chakras, and the energy body.
Why Traditional Thai Massage is the most effective massage treatment?



With Pranic Healing sessions, I can try to speed up recovery in basically anything that is related to body chronic illness, injury, post-trauma recovery, and also I can help to restore good emotional and mental well-being.

Pranic Healing can also be used to prevent and to keep a very clean energy body system, auras and chakras.

Why Pranic Healing has so much potential for our wellbeing?


All Manual Treatments and Pranic Healing are not intended to replace orthodox medicine but they are meant as a complementary therapy. If symptoms persist or an ailment is severe, patients are expected to consult a medical doctor.

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