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Discover the Premier Therapy Plan in Detail!

Elevate Your Beauty to New Heights with The Supreme Pranic Body Sculpturing & Face Lifting Therapy Plan!


Are you ready to experience the full spectrum of beauty enhancement? Look no further than The Supreme Pranic Body Sculpting & Face Lifting Therapy Plan.


This exceptional solution redefines the pursuit of beauty, tailoring each session to address specific areas and cater to your unique aspirations, whether you seek the rejuvenation of Pranic Face Lifting or the sculpting prowess of Pranic Body Sculpting.


Harnessing the transformative potential of highly advanced Pranic Healing techniques, this non-invasive, non-physical contact therapy stands in a league of its own.


The flexibility of this therapy plan primarily accommodates in-person sessions, with remote options available on a case-by-case basis, guided by Alessandro's expert direction.


Prior to securing this exclusive plan, it's crucial to consult with Alessandro to ensure it aligns perfectly with your desires.


Now, brace yourself for the thrilling part!

The Supreme Pranic Body Sculpting & Face Lifting Therapy Plan encompasses 30 sessions, each ranging from luxurious 90, 60, to 45 minutes, offering you the ultimate beauty-enhancing experience.


Even more exciting, these sessions don't come with an expiration date, granting you the liberty to design a tailored plan that precisely aligns with your beauty goals, all guided by Alessandro's expert insights.


Embrace the transformative art of Pranic Body Sculptingg and Face Lifting, unveiling the confident and rejuvenated version of yourself. Your journey to the beauty you've always envisioned begins now—secure your path to ultimate transformation today!


This therapy plan is included in the Therapy Plan Loyalty Credits Awards Program.

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Pranic Face Lifting & Pranic Body Sculpting Therapy: 30 Sessions Package

  • Holistic Healing Solution does not offer refunds for any of the Therapy Plans provided.

    Additionally, the Therapy Plans I offer do not come with an expiration date.

    In the event that you've scheduled a service or treatment with Holistic Healing Solution, whether in person or remotely, and you find yourself unable to attend, I kindly ask that you cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

    Failure to cancel your booking within this timeframe will result in the full session fee being charged. I appreciate your understanding of the cancellation policy.

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