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Pranic Breathing Exercises

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PRANIC Breathing plays a very important part in Pranic Healing. It is the means or method whereby the supply of Prana is increased, and whereby it may be distributed to the affected parts, it is also a great tool to increase the size of our energy body, cleanse and energize partially our chakras system and feeling lighter emotionally and metally. Pranic breathing is based upon the unceasing vibration which is always in evidence throughout all nature. Everything is in constant vibration. There is no rest in the Universe. From planet to atom, everything is in motion and vibration. If even a tiny atom would cease to vibrate the balance of Nature would be disturbed. In and through incessant vibration the work of the Universe is performed. Force of Energy is constantly playing upon Matter, and producing the phenomena of life. Rhythm pervades the universe. Everything from the greatest sum to the tiniest atom is in vibration and has its own particular rate of vibration. The circling of the planets around the sun; and rise and fall of the sea; the beating of the heart; the ebb and flow of the tide; all follow rhythmic laws. All growth and change are in evidence of this law. Our bodies are subject to this law, as well as are all other forms of matter. And upon an understanding of this law of rhythm depends largely the Yogi theory of Breath and Pranic Healing.




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