Giorgia Fidanza - 03/2021
Very professional and competent. I had a great experience and I would highly recommend his treatments!
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Carolyn Krause - 11/2020

I have had both massages and pranic healing from Alessandro. Both were truly amazing. His massages left my muscles feeling so much better afterward and I felt so much calmer and more positive after the healing. I will definitely be having more of both, and soon!
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Daniela - 10/2020
Amazing treatment. Highly recommended
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Dinesh Varsani- 03/2021

Highly professional and immensely knowledgeable and most of all effective practitioner who has enabled me to overcome a 10 year battle with my shoulder and greatly improved my flexibility all around. Highly recommend Alessandro as he genuinely takes satisfaction in seeing my body improve.
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Megan - 10/2020
Great treatment, very knowledgeable! I’ve already booked my next one 😊
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Aurelia - 09/2020
Highly recommend this clinic. Marco was incredibly helpful in booking my massage at only 2 hours notice and Alessandro, my masseuse, was attentive and took time to work out every ache and pain in my body. Safe to say I left like a different woman with no aches and pains!
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Anonymous - 08/2020
Very relaxed environment, professional staff, and effective treatments. I had lymphatic massages with Alessandro and I was satisfied as he is very skilled, even in delicate situations of slow recovery from illnesses or injuries. Highly recommended!
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Lorenzo - 08/2020
I have done a few sessions with Alessandro and after each of them I always felt better, my symptoms were eased, and I relief from my shoulder and neck pain. Alessandro has a holistic approach and he seeks for feedback in order to deliver an aimed and precise treatment. I have no doubt that I will go back to him to implement his expertise in the treatments I receive.
Viviana Turturro - 07/2020
I saw Alessandro for lymphatic massages due to the physical consequences of a health issue. I must say he’s really skilled at this kind of treatment and his excellent massages gave me a bit of relief despite my excruciating muscular pain. He is also able to create a very relaxing atmosphere and the right environment to focus on your wellbeing while also giving advice on how you could improve your daily lifestyle to become healthier. I highly recommend his treatments!
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Antonia Di Francesco - 01/2017
Alessandro's message becomes a mystical experience as it combines the effective massage techniques developed by him, also Pranic Healing techniques, offering the client the chance to experience ecstatic states on several levels.
Il massaggio di Alessandro diventa un'esperienza mistica in quanto associa alle efficaci tecniche di massaggio da lui elaborate, anche tecniche di Pranic Healing offrendo al cliente la possibilità di sperimentare stati estatici su più livelli.
Ciro Tufo - 09/2018
Hello my name is Ciro and with great pleasure, I want to let you know that I was very lucky to meet Alessandro Mancini, we met by chance, and only after few days I learned that he practiced Pranic Healing. Then one day suffering from discomfort from a chronic lombosciatalgia I decided to call him and he was immediately available, after a session of about an hour of his practice made disappear the pain. These are not the words that can give an idea of ​​how to feel after a massage done by the expert hands of the maestro Alessandro Mancini. It is absolutely necessary to try I am now a regular visitor. I witness how some pains, stress muscular tension, and even a bit of anxiety disappear completely and giving way to psycho-physical well-being.
I am very pleased to have finally found an experienced and prepared person of Pranic Healing. Where the prices are really contained.  
Please go with confidence and put yourself in the right hands of a serious and skilled professional who expertly blends ancient disciplines with the most modern techniques.
Salve mi chiamo Ciro e con molto piacere voglio far sapere che sono stato molto fortunato a incontrare Alessandro Mancini, ci siamo conosciuti per caso e solo dopo qualche giorno ho saputo che praticava Prana Healing. Poi un giorno affetto da una lombosciatalgia invalidante regressa mi sono deciso a chiamarlo e si è reso subito disponibile, dopo una seduta di circa un ora della sua pratica mi ha fatto scomparire il dolore. Non sono le parole che possono rendere bene l 'idea di come ci si senta dopo un trattamento fatto dalle mani esperte del maestro Alessandro Mancini. Bisogna assolutamente provare io sono ormai un assiduo frequentatore. Sono testimone di come alcuni doloretti ,tensioni muscolari stress e anche un po di ansia spariscono completamente dando posto ad un benessere psico fisico. Sono molto soddisfatto di aver finalmente trovato una persona esperta e preparata del Prana Healing. Dove i prezzi sono davvero contenuti a differenza di tanti che sono solo degli spillasoldi senza alcun beneficio. Cosa aspettate recatevi con fiducia e mettetevi nelle giuste mani quelle di un serio e preparato professionista che sapientemente fonde le discipline antiche con le tecniche più moderne.