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Alessandro Mancini is a Massage Therapist and Pranic Healer.   

Alessandro has had the pleasure of treating thousands of people, helping them recover from difficult times related to physical, mental and emotional issues.

21 Years

Experience in Massage

5 Years

Experience in Pranic Healing

1 Year

Experience in Guided Meditation


Our bodies are uniquely designed and established to allow for regeneration and recovery on their own.  However, at times, it is necessary to stimulate the body to ensure it is in good balance. 

My job at Holistic Healing Solution is to activate-boost-restore your body to help you maintain good health for your body, mind, emotions and your energy systems.

Prevention is one of the major keys in trying to avoid illness, body pain, or dysfunction.  Proper therapeutic massage can assist in aiding and preventing illness from occurring.  Proper nutrition, combined with regular physical activity, positive mindset, all assist in having an important impact on our wellbeing.

Traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Remedial Manual Therapy, in general, are very old disciplines that thanks to the past generations and civilizations had developed and improved from the last 4000 years and more

These techniques are effective in gaining well-being and maintaining good health.

The connections between our body must be in a soave equilibrium to keep good health and a happier lifestyle.  The various types of massage available from Holistic Healing Solutions, provide a refined treatment that combines techniques and manoeuvres which allow for an effective rebalancing of the body systems. 


Our bodies are a complex system, that is interconnected with its own self.  Connectedness happens mainly from water in and out of our cells, our nerve systems, bones, muscles, vessels, meridians, chakras and the energy body.

All Manual Treatments and Pranic Healing are not intended to replace orthodox medicine but they are meant as a complementary therapy. If symptoms persist or an ailment is severe, patients are expected to consult a medical doctor.