Our bodies are designed and established to allow for regeneration and recovery on their own. However, it is necessary to stimulate the body to ensure it is in good balance. 

My job at Holistic Healing Solution is to activate-boost-restore your life systems to help you maintain good health for your body, mind, emotions, and energy systems.

Prevention is one of the primary keys to avoiding illness; above all types of prevention for body pain, emotional heaviness and mental disturbance, or a general dysfunction or discomfort, it is to have our energy bodies and energy centres as clear as possible throughout Clinical Pranic Healing treatment. Still, a proper Clinical Massage is also used to prevent unwanted physical issues and followed by good nutrition, combined with regular physical exercises and a positive mindset; consequently, our well-being at all levels will maintain us healthy.

Clinical Massage is referred to as Traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Remedial Soft Tissue Massage, where a therapist has lots of working hours experience in Health Care Clinic settings.

Thanks to the past generations and civilisations, these ancient manual disciplines have developed and improved from the last 4000 years and more.

Unfortunately, only a few percentages of people today on this planet know how unique these techniques are for our well-being.

 Clinical Pranic Healing is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and has done all the certifications up to level 5 of Pranic Healing and holds a level 3 certification in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and has lots of working hours experience as a Pranic Healer in Health Care Clinic settings.

Pranic Healing is also an ancient form of a very sophisticated healing discipline. About 30 years ago, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui revealed to the public the modern Pranic Healing and Arathic Yoga.

The connections between our bodies must be in an excellent equilibrium to keep good health and a happier lifestyle. The various types of Clinical Massages and Clinical Pranic Healing available from Holistic Healing Solutions provide an advanced treatment that combines techniques and manoeuvres, allowing for an effective rebalancing of the body systems. 


Our bodies are a complex system and interconnected with ourselves on several levels. Connectedness happens mainly from water in and out of our cells, nerve systems, bones, muscles, vessels, meridians, chakras and energy bodies “Auras”.